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We are a small group of individuals that share an interest in the unknown. Although we may not all always share the same ideas and beliefs, we work together as a group (and occasionally with other small groups in our area) in researching and trying to better understand the unexplained. When called to investigate a location with claims of paranormal activity, it is our goal to find answers for our clients. We do our best to work with our clients and bring them answers to their questions. We will listen to the clients with an open-minded attitude. Our team will take each case of reported paranormal activity and use equipment to monitor the reported area. The team will try to determine the cause of the activity - doing our very best to find a logical explanation before ever suggesting anything paranormal could be the cause. We are trying to find proof of the paranormal - but acknowledge and respect the fact that most cases have a reasonable and logical explanation - unrelated to anything paranormal. That is why our group exists, however, we will ALWAYS go into an investigation seeking the truth - rather than "hoping to find a ghost". We want to bring peace of mind to our clients and give them some answers for what they are experiencing in their home or place of business.


Although our name is Mid Illinois Ghost Society, we are not "ghost hunters" but rather a team of paranormal investigators and researchers with a variety of people from various backgrounds, experiences and views. We feel having a diverse group of team members allows us to be more open to the opinions and views of others. We prefer cases in the central Illinois area, however, should you need assistance and are not within our general area, we will do our best to refer you to a reputable group in your area if our team is unable to travel to your location. We don't claim to be experts, as we believe there are no "experts" in this field. Any photos, video, or audio that we present to a client will not be altered or doctored in any way. We have, and will continue to do our best to disprove any data that we gather before coming to the conclusion that it is something "paranormal".  Questions & comments are welcomed.


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~MIGS Founder~