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MIGS Code of Conduct


1. CONFIDENTIALITY is very important. All names, locations, and other vital information is to be kept confidential unless specifically discussed otherwise. Breaking this policy will result in immediate and permanent termination as a member of MIGS.


2. No member shall perform any investigation using the name MIGS without the approval of MIGS founder and at least one team leader present. (We can not prevent members from conducting their own investigations, however, in order to make this group work, we need to work as a team and not everyone going in their own directions).


3. During an investigation, all members must a photo ID. In addition, a written "permission to investigate" form will be held by one of the team leaders if owner does not remain on the premises. (All of the above in case anyone, including law enforcement, question who we are and why we are at that particular location).


3. RESPECT. All members are to respect everyone in the group. We may not always agree or see eye-to-eye, but respect is necessary. MIGS members are expected to respect the property of others (locations that we investigate as well as equipment of the team members). ANY issue, disagreement, etc. needs to be discussed with a MIGS team leader, and the team leader will work out the problem. Please, if you have a problem with someone on the team or they way that they are conducting themselves, do not address it yourself. A team leader will resolve the issue. If the issue is with a team member, please address the problem - as any issues need to be peacefully resolved, regardless of who it concerns. Unresolved issues can create more problems between team members on future investigations.


4. VANDALISM, LITTERING, etc. will NOT be tolerated by MIGS. Any destruction of property by ANYONE will be reported by MIGS team leaders to the proper authorities.


5. CEMETERIES. Remember, people have buried their loved ones here! Just because we many not know anyone buried in a cemetery does not mean that we should treat it with any less respect than if we did have loved one there. NO LEANING on headstones, using headstones as a table for equipment, etc. Be respectful.


6. NO SMOKING during an investigation. A smoking area will be designated prior to the start of the investigation in which smokers will be allowed to take "smoke breaks". Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of and not discarded on the ground (remember - respect other people's property & no littering!)


7. NO ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. No one will ever be allowed on an investigation under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance, nor will they be allowed to have it in their possession.


8. NEVER INVESTIGATE ALONE. Because of safety, if the team is split into groups it will be at least groups of two and never anyone by themselves.


9. All evidence collected in an investigation WILL be shared with the team leaders for analysis. It will become the property of MIGS. Evidence will be collected at the end of an investigation. (Pictures and audio will be copied for easier access during the review process).


10. MIGS, from time to time, may work with other paranormal groups during an investigation. ALL members of MIGS will respect other groups that we work with. They have rules that they go by, and prior to any investigation with another team, MIGS will review their rules and abide by them as well as our own. Any issue that arises in dealing with another team MUST be brought to MIGS team leader and that team leader will discuss the issue with a team leader of the group we are working with.


11. Media. No member of MIGS will be authorized to speak to anyone in the media on behalf of MIGS without the prior consent of the founder. This includes, but is not limited to, television crews, reporters for a news station, newspaper reporter, social media sites (ie myspace, facebook, twitter), etc. If you wish to speak to any media affiliated person/persons on behalf of yourself without the mention of MIGS, that is permitted.


12. Participation. Participation among MIGS members is needed in order for the group to remain successful. The more active your involvement as a member is, the more likely your name will be chosen to assist in investigations where the number of investigators is limited. Those who are unable to attend a scheduled investigation, review session, or meeting need to inform the founders in a timely manner. Consistent lack of involvement will result in termination of membership. (With that being said, we all understand that life gets in the way, and there are always going to be times that not everyone can make a scheduled event - but there is always plenty of things that can be helped with before and after an investigation). Where space limits the number of investigators, active members will always be chosen to attend investigations over inactive members.


13. Use COMMON SENSE!! Keep an open mind! Remember to respect other’s views and thoughts and that although we may not all think the same, new are all entitled to our own opinions!


14. Violations of any rules listed above may result in immediate termination of membership and any association with MIGS.


15. All members of MIGS are encouraged to make suggestions of locations in which MIGS can investigate. Remember CONFIDENTALITY, and to follow the rules and guidelines established by MIGS and it’s founders. MIGS founder or case manager(s) will need to talk to potential clients to see if the case is one in which MIGS will decide to take on. Although we encourage our members to seek out investigation, we ask that the founder or case manager be informed of any discussions with a potential client so that they may proceed with the necessary interview questions needed prior to any investigation. No investigation may be preformed under the name Mid Illinois Ghost Society (or MIGS) without the authorization of the MIGS founder.


16. Participation of members will help make this group a success. This includes meetings, research, investigation, review of evidence, etc. If you are unable to attend an investigation for whatever reason, remember that there are other steps throughout our process that you can still help with! (like reviewing evidence, which is just as important - if not more important - as the investigation itself!)


17. NO “Horse play”, practical jokes, or trying to scare other team members. We are present at a location to investigate, not party or play around. This is not to say we cannot have fun, but there is a time and place for that, and during the investigation is not the appropriate time or place.


18. Falsifying data or doing something to intentionally make other team members think that something or someone is trying to communicate with them AT ANY TIME while on location for an investigation is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Such behavior needs to be reported to the founder or a team leader. Trust is very important, and if we as a team cannot trust someone on the team, that person is a liability to the group, rather than an asset, and their membership will be immediately terminated.


Although we want to "have fun", the main objective for the group is to investigate claims of paranormal activity, with a end result in proving or disproving any reported claims. All investigation should be taken serious, regardless of the location.


The names Mid Illinois Ghost Society and MIGS are owned by Alicia Woolridge Morgason, group founder.



MIGS founder reserves the right to add, delete, and edit rules of conduct as they see fit. Any member in the group that does not comply with the guidelines set forth for this group are subject to immediate termination.