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Previous Investigations


The following is a list of some of the cases Mid Illinois Ghost Society has investigated.  Cases are listed as case number and reports of activity.  No address, names, or findings will be listed.  Cases are listed as most recent first. 

Cemetery - August 10, 2013.  MIGS investigated a cemetery that is widely known for reports of paranormal activity.  LOCATION cannot be disclosed.  (Permission was obtained for the team to be out there during closed hours.  Trespassers will be prosecuted.  MIGS NEVER investigates a location without legal permission)

207RanVer - May 25, 2013.  Private Residence.  Client reports seeing a shadow person, footsteps, and unexplained banging noises in home.


Ashmore Estates - May 18, 2013 - MIGS team hosted an investigation for a group of individuals from Crawford County, Illinois, who were the winners of a brick stacking contest held at Ashmore Estates.  The bricks were part of the damage of the building in the January 2013 tornado that hit Ashmore Estates.  Congrats Crawford County team!!

Ashmore Estates - April 6, 2013 - MIGS team hosted an investigation for raffle ticket winners who won a chance to investigate Ashmore Estates.  The winners attending won their chance from the "Save Ashmore Estates" benefit held in March.  

CCHD - January 19, 2013 - MIGS joined IMPS and MIPA.

Ashmore Estates - December 1, 2012

425PitPik - September 5,  2012.  Private residence.


412MatCol - Aug 17, 2012.  Client reports full body apparitions (2-4 different "spirits" reported); one reported to communicate verbally with one members of the household.


Harrison Street Inn, Sullivan, Illinois - MIGS teamed up with staff from the NewsProgress (per their request) to investigate this historic home, located in the original section of Sullivan. Some of the reports of activity for the Inn include: full-bodied apparition of a woman, disembodied voices, sounds of children running and jumping, sounds of furniture being moved, lights turning on or off when no one is in the room.   During the investigation, we were able to capture several possible EVPs. The MIGS team is planning on scheduling several more investigation of this location before coming to any conclusion as to what was captured is paranormal or not - although at this time, we can not come up with any logical explanation for the data collected.  Commercial Property (Privately owned)



Ashmore Estates - MIGS team members volunteer and work as staff, assisting with paranormal investigations in the building upon request.  In addition, MIGS uses Ashmore Estates as a training locaiton for new team members.  Commercial Building (Privately owned).


S1000/MS1000 (4 investigations) - Full body apparition;  Items being moved;  Disembodied voices; Unexplained noises.  (This case started as another team's case with MIGS assisting, then the case was turned over to MIGS, and is now a MIGS case).  Commercial Building.


000AsAsCo (4 investigations) - being touched;  Full body apparations;  Disembodied voices;  Shadows.  Private Residence.


SPRS12113010 (1 investigation) - Disembodied voices;  Apparation.  This was a SPRS case that MIGS assisted with.  Private Residence.


827HaMcHaCoL - (1 investigation) - Full body apparation;  Hand prints on wall;  Locks being unlocked;  Faucet turning off by itself;  Footsteps.  Private Residence.


522SuLrEe (1 investigation) - Objects being moved;  Presence felt.  Private Residence.


2481MoWbLa (2 investigations) - Sounds in kitchen as if someone cooking when no one is in there;  Full body apparition in bedroom; Disembodied voices; Being touched; Shadows;  Organ being played when family upstairs asleep;  Cat acting strange as if looking at someone when there is no one there, espicially during the evening and night.  Private Residence.

3062FieVsHly (1 investigation) - various reports of unexplained activity.  Private Residence.


SPRSJam (1 investigation) - various reports of unexplained activity.  (This was another team's case that MIGS assisted on).  Private Residence.


000RiToSh (five investigations) - Strange lights;  Apparitions;  Disembodied Voices.  

216RiBeMo (3 investigations) - Items moved; on of a female child and a female adult; Footsteps; Lights turning on/off.  Private Residence.

000AnPaCh (3 investigations) - Strange lights; Unusual sounds; Full body and partial body apparitions; cold spots